We recently asked our Scouts what they like best about being in Troop 25. Here's what they said in their own words from the youngest Scouts to the oldest:

I like going on the trips with friends and the excellent food the cooks have. I like going to summer camp because of all the fun games. I also like earning the merit badges because of the challenges.

    • Tim, age 11

I like all the fun activities we do. We go on trips to the ocean and you learn how to row, canoe. And you get to see all your friends. You get good tasting food like French toast, ham, turkey, bacon, and ziti.

    • Elliot, age 11

I like leaving home for two weeks and leaving my sister back behind me. I get to relax and meet new people. You can play Magic which is a card game that is fun and challenging. You can make a fire and cook lunch on it. I think whoever reads these on our Website should become a Boy Scout and get to do all this fun stuff.

    • Adrian, age 11

I like Scouts. My favorite camping trip is the summer trip. That is the best. We play Capture the Flag at night. We also do JA in the Lake. That is when the Junior Assistant Scoutmasters go out and hide in the woods and we go look for them. Then once you find them you – well just come and find out.

    • Derrick, age 12

I like the friends, the camping trips, the fun we have.

    • Marcus, age 12

I like the camping trips that the whole Troop goes on because we do a lot of fun things like swimming, leather craft, and boating. There are also things like skit night, wrestling night, and swimming, boating, or canoeing across the lake to eat breakfast. I also like some of the meetings because sometimes we get to go sledding, or visit places like the police station or the fire station.

    • Tim, age 12

What I like best about Troop 25 is being able to make so many friends. Also I like the many skills that you learn. You also get to go to many places and see many sights. Another thing I like is going to New Hampshire for 2 weeks at Camp Kirkham. There are many activities like JA in the Lake and Capture the Flag.

    • Sean, age 13

I like summer camp. We get to spend 2 weeks doing adventurous activities. My favorite part was going out one night with my age group and taking the canoes to see the stars and constellations. Paul [the Scoutmaster] showed us everything. We also saw some shooting stars. It was spectacular and fun.

    • Paul, age 13

I like the summer camp. I like to be with my friends. I like the food. I like to go to the other camps. I like to hike. I like the games, the J.A.s and a lot of things in the camp. I like swimming and the competitions at summer camp.

    • Angel, age 13

I like having our own camp. We had A-10s fly over our camp.

    • Jon, age 14

I like the friendships that you make in the years that you're here. I like being able to teach the younger kids the things that I've learned in my years as a Scout. I like the trips that you go on as you get older. I like the relationships you build with the leaders. I like the fact that I am able to voice my opinion on how to improve the Troop.

    • Kyle, age 16

I have enjoyed all of the friends I have met by being in this Troop. All of the skills that I have learned like first-aid and pioneering, have come in handy. It is worth the work because what I learned 6 or 7 years ago, I still remember, and the Appalachian Trail hike and the Connecticut River Canoe Trip have sort of been like "icing on the cake." When I was looking at Troops trying to decide which I would go to, I am glad I chose this one in spite of the fact that it was not in my home town. Everything that I have learned and done has made it worth my while.

    • Steve, age 16

You return from your two weeks of summer camp refreshed with a sense of accomplishment. Being outdoors the whole time gives me a better appreciation for the luxuries I have at home. Being in this Troop has taught me persistence through events like our many hikes especially the Appalachian Trail hike. Many of the skills I have learned in Scouts have helped me in life.

    • Matt, age 16

All of the great opportunities and adventures like the Appalachian Trail, Canoe Trip. The leadership that it has taught me. The camaraderie of my fellow Scouts. The self-confidence my experience has taught me, how to cook on an open fire, how to pitch a tent in pouring rain, all of the educational lessons I can hold with me forever. And best of all, looking back and seeing all that I have accomplished over my time in the Troop.

    • Josh, age 17

We hope that you or someone you know will consider joining Troop 25. For more information, please contact Scoutmaster Paul Maidment at (860) 649-1194, or click here to submit an email application. We'd love to hear from you!